King Marine Outboard


King Marine Outboard

Dean Chew started King Marine Outboard right out of school back in 1990 in the garage of his parents house. Between working for local dealers and doing business on the side Dean realized that he had a real talent for fixing engines along with a passion for racing boats in the APBA. Dean's success in racing was due in part to his knack for building fast motors and this talent is the cornerstone of King Marine Outboard's success.

Over the next couple of years Dean spent time honing his skills while building a client base. As his side business grew he purchased 3 acres of land in his hometown of Sewell, NJ and in 1995 King Marine Outboard officially opened for business.

King Marine Outboard has had many employees over the years but there is one man that became more than that - Tom Turk. Tom started here only a little while after we opened our doors and he has become not only our resident expert, but a true friend, and an integral part of the King Marine Outboard family.

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